The Beginning Of A Fresh New Year.

In January, Remember to ...Lend a Hand

January is the beginning of a fresh new year and a great time to carry on the spirit of holiday giving. This month, when you see the color aqua, "Gentle" Aqua, that is, think of how valuable you are, and that you can help others each day, even with a smile.

Perhaps you have made your New Year's resolution and perhaps not. Either way I want to start your year by sharing with you, one of the loveliest treasures I have found on this GOLDEN RULE REVOLUTION journey. I have presented it to you as a January Promise.


*I promise to be tender with the young
Compassionate with the aging
Sympathetic with the striving
And tolerant with the weak and the wrong....

Because sometime in my life
I will have been ALL of these!

*The words of this "Promise". from an unknown contributor, were allegedly printed in the Washington Post many years ago. They are a rare gift of the spirit to all of us. Thank you.

Lend A Hand in January.

Goal for the month: To lift our spirits and the spirits of others by caring and sharing and giving.

"Together We Can Brighten the World We All Share"

In January, Remember to ...Lend a Hand.